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Video description: You do not want to get on Nico Blade's bad side. Nico may be kind of short, but he's as tough as they come, and ruthless enough to be boss of his cell block.That's why Steve Spy is in his cell, putting a final shine on cellmate Nico's boots. He's hoping Nico says they're clean, because if not, there'll be hell to pay...Not convinced the boots are clean yet, Nico makes Steve clean them with his tongue. He then guides Steve's mouth to the shaft of his thick dick, filling his entire throat, making Steve choke.Nico sucks, rubs and rims Steve before spitting on his asshole and shoving his large manhood in. Nico's fucking is relentless, as Steve moans loudly at the feeling of having his ass pounded by a savage machine. Without skipping a beat, Nico takes a quick break to pull out and jam his cock into Steve's throat again.While getting slapped and spat on, Steve points his ass in the air, and Nico buries his cock in it as far as it will go. In a final act of brutal pleasure, Nico pours his thick jizz all over Steve's stretched, raw hole, leaving him to recover.


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