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Video description: They look like two regular dudes, the type you might see walking the aisles of the local Home Depot. Masculine, handsome, with just the right amount of muscle and body hair - all in the right places. In actuality they are a bi wrestling coach and one of his very straight team members who he`s lusted over for the last four years and they are sitting side by side in our studio. Today, Coach Aiden is determined to turn the tables and put the moves on Ryan, his buddy who he coached to 4th place in the Nationals - no, not wrestling moves, man sex moves. Aiden came to us from the greater Boston area and he epitomizes that classic good looking Italian guy you expect to find walking down the street in the North End. With piercing green eyes, a stocky well proportioned physique with meaty (7 inch) cock and ass, this stud is confident and ready for action. Ryan is a young fresh faced man who obviously cares for his body. With a six pack of abs covered with just the right amount of hair leading up to his chest and down to his perfect 7.5 inch cock, Ryan is a rare gem indeed. His deep blue eyes and luscious lips are so inviting you can almost get lost looking at his face. We first ask Ryan if he`s comfortable having a threesome with his coach and a girl and find that he`s more than ok with it. So, we stripped them down for a once over. Get it up, turn around, looking good, ready to go! Well, when the girls don`t show, the only way they`re going to earn a buck is to do some guy-guy stuff for double the money. Ryan, the straight wrestler says ``It`s not really my speed. I`ve glanced at dudes in the shower, but that`s as far as that went``. We tell him it`s like two porn girls doing it for money, they`re not lesbians and if you two do it, it doesn`t mean you`re gay. Ryan agrees that ``it`s just a job`` - and we`re ready to go. The action is steamy and hot as we go from mutual handjobs, to flip-flop blow jobs and then onto the final fuck. This is one of the hottest fuck scenes. Ryan does the coach doggy style and then gets on top and pounds Aiden`s manly butt like a jack hammer until he blows his load followed by Ryans load AND followed by Aidens second load! He tells us he was so turned on that he had to cum the second time. Watch ``After the Shoot`` in our free blog or at the end of the video to see what else these two hot dudes have to say. And, don`t forget to watch for those telling glances the next time you`re in the shower room - it could be an opportunity to fulfill your own straight guy fantasy.


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