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Video description: Weíve all had mornings like it Ė waking up and feeling as horny as fucking hell! And naturally itís always much, more worse Ė or better! Ė if you wake up next to someone who seriously floats your proverbial boat. Thatís the situation that Andy Scott finds himself in when he comes to consciousness lying next to Bjorn Nykvist; and itíll be no surprise to anyone that the urge to rut is soon blissfully overpowering the poor lad. As a result heís quickly making a beeline for his palís handsome rump, which is barely concealed by the plush jockstrap that Nykvist is wearing. That said, the pretty young blond isnít wearing them for long. Before you know it Scott has made serious inroads into its defences and is very eagerly rimming his mateís arse Ė an act that promptly brings Nykvist out of his sweet slumber. From that point onwards, of course, thereís little stopping the fabulous assault that Scott adopts on his buddy Ė gobbling away on Nykvistís now rock-hard shaft, 69-ing the fellow with some serious no-holds-barred rimming, and then finally securing his vantage balls-deep in the young blondís guts. Itís a line of action that clearly meets with the bottomís overriding approval given the way that he reacts Ė writhing and groaning in pleasure and generally acting his part of wayward bitch. Indeed, anyone doubting that the sincerity of either party just has to consider the way in which each of these boys marks their final pitches Ė Scott blasting his palís well-worked rosebud, and Nykvist firing off an arguably obscene wad over his own belly as well as his partnerís joyously expectant face!


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