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Video description: You pretty much know, from the very moment that Johan Volny squirts a rather generous serving of aerosol cream into his drink at the start of this scene, that it wonít be long before heís applying an equally lavish serving on his new-found college sweetheart, Rick Nielson. Indeed, so it proves. Having applied his usual Volny charm in his mateís direction, Nielsonís shirt is promptly unbuttoned and the fellow finds his nipples and belly-button generously doused Ė providing the studio legend the perfect excuse to lick some of Nielsonís most intimate parts. Of course, Volnyís keenest interest is on his mateís dick Ė still tightly nestled in Nielsonís pants at this point! Ė but suffice it to say that it doesnít take a maestro of Volnyís standing very long to unleash the handsome ramrod and to have his hungry lips wrapped tightly around it. A move that Nielson himself is admittedly almost as quick to replicate in return just a few minutes later. Indeed, thereís no denying the fact that both these boys are clearly in the mood for hardcore fellatio Ė slobbering on cock with alternate gusto, and setting up the scene very nicely for Volnyís inevitable move on Nielsonís pucker. Of course, whether giving someone a solid pounding over a coffee-shop table is a sensible move in terms of basic hygiene is a matter of debate for another day. What we can say with absolute certainty, however, is that Volny applies his characteristic steel when putting the twink to the sword; literally knocking a fine load out of his palís balls in the process, before finally coming full circle and squirting over Nielsonís face!


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