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Video description: Pharrel got his lifeguard certification in high school and he is proud to have helped save lives multiple times. Studying to be a lifeguard required him to study a book that was "bible thick". He says being a lifeguard can be a pretty demanding job when you're pulling a drowning victim from the water and they're larger than you. His dark brown hair and mysterious eyes enhance the handsomeness of his face. As he moves, his shirt stretches against the well developed physique just below the fabric. As he leans back and runs his hands over the denim covering his crotch, the look on his face becomes more pensive. He unzips and reaches beneath his underwear, stroking and caressing the yet unseen prize below. When he pulls the underwear away, his stiff prick is nestled in a patch of thick pubic hair. Stroking, he continues to stare across the room. He strips off his shirt, revealing a toned swimmer's build. Finally, he gets completely naked, giving a view of his hairy balls bouncing against his taint. Kneeling for a moment, he thrusts his hips forward, the curve of his ass visible momentarily. When he lays back down, he begins to stroke more violently, his chest heaving. He looks down at his cock as it begins to spew. With a few grunts, a stream of jizz lands on his chest, while the rest puddles on a patch of hair on his stomach.


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