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Video description: Hank's a 19-year old hunk of a dude measuring 6'2' and 190 lbs. He's your classic American outdoorsman with a bit of a thrillseeking edge, loving white-water rafting, propelling, and the ultimate thrill, baring all on camera for the world to see! First he dresses down to boxers and an undershirt, and his dog tags and solid pecs can just barely be seen through the mesh of his cotton 'beater. Then he whips out his main event and you can see why he was so eager to get on camera, because he's got a prize pole that he'd be an idiot not to wanna show off. Hank's a slow stroker, taking his time and really enjoying the porn that's playing behind the camera. It takes him a little while to warm up to the fact that we're all watchin' him crank it, but after a while he seems to let himself loose. Sometimes the guys will take some time off when showing off their behind to pose, but Hank just keeps on stroking himself, and you can tell he's really into it now. He's rearing his head back and moaning and writhing as he gets himself really worked up to busting a creamy load over his chest.


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