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Video description: Sit astride this top class model and enjoy the ride of your life. Feel the power between your thighs as you spark up its engine and pump juice in to itís powerful hulking body. Comes with a full guarantee that youíll experience unimaginable pleasure. Yes, Flex is back and this time its super stud Axel Brooks that gets to ride that amazing beefy butt. Axel turns up to buy Flexís motorbike heís seen online. but canít decide what he wants to ride more, the bike or Flex, so he chooses both. The contrast of the suited executive Axel, the leather clad Flex, against the backdrop of the powerful sexy bike, make this encounter so hot it will singe your retinas. The incredible climax sees Axel and Flex straddle the motorbike so that Axel can drive his cock between Flex cheeks and slam the sweet spot to really get Flex's cylinders Fired Up!


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