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Video description: You may remember Mike Challenger from his freak out after jerking off for our cameras recently. The whole thing made him feel dirty, he said. Well, he's had time to think about it and he's decided to try it again. And we're glad he did! After a night on the town with the super cute Andrew (more of him here and here) Mike offers to make breakfast, but Andrew has another idea on how to treat their hangovers! He charge, pushing Mike up against the pots and pans, jamming his tongue into Mike's willing mouth while opening his pants. Mike's fat cock is already straining against the fabric of his underwear. Andrew releases it and takes the uncut monster down his throat. Mike drops to his knees, pulling open Andrew's jeans. He swallows Andrew's cock down to the pubes! Andrew moans as Mike works his cock with his throat muscles. Spinning Andrew around, he focuses his talented tongue on Andrew's puckered hole, stuffing his face between his ass cheeks. Now prepped to accomodate Mike's hefty meat Andrew bends over and Mike stuffs his cock in Andrew's ass. Their pumping and pounding knocks over the dishes and the silverware clatters to the floor. Mike's literally fucks the cum out of Andrew, his jizz load splattering all over the kitchen cabinets and the floor tiles! This new experience for Mike is a real turn on and his aching balls empty their load, shooting his hot white juice up in to his own face!


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