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Video description: We find horny dirty boys Wayne and Zach hangin' around groping each other in Zach's filthy kitchen. Without speaking, they make out for a split second before each of their hands finds a dick to rub. They have no need for words because they both speak the language of cock! Both of their growing dicks come flopping out their pants and underwear getting bigger with every dirty thought they think. Zach doesn't hold back and gets on his knees to service the hottie in front of him. Wayne has a big ol' cock. It's long, it's thick, and his lowhanging sack houses some beautiful monster balls! With each suck from Zach, Wayne gets harder and more horny. Zach takes care of Wayne, not missing an inch of his crotch. From his nuts to his pubes to the tip of his big thick cock, Wayne gets the attention he deserves. They move into a nice long frot session, rubbing cock on cock while Wayne's pre-cum oozes out in a sticky rope running from his pee-hole all the way to Zach's black pubes. Wayne is ready to go and needs a quick taste of Zach's big uncut dick before he sticks his own cock up inside the Latino twink. Wayne gets on his knees and sucks on Zach, getting him all ready to go! They're both uncontrollably hard and Wayne pushes Zach onto the floor. Zach's head is only inches from the dog bowl and water but he doesn't care. His only concern is getting cock up his ass and nothing, not even a dirty dog dish is going to stop him from getting what he craves. Wayne slides his erect penis up inside the twink, letting it glide in smoothly and slowly. Once he's balls deep inside Zach, he speeds up and fucks him hard. You can hear the slapping of skin as his cock goes in and out of the hole in front of him.


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