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Video description: Zack Taylor's balls are clutched in the grasp of Leo Forte as Zack assumes the position, bent over a table. Leo bangs his knuckles against Zack's hole, as if knocking -- foreplay to a fist. But first, Leo must feed on that hole. Zack lifts his knees and hangs his ankles over Leo's shoulders. Telling Zack to 'stay down,' Leo presses his face into Zack's furry crack, gently pulling Zack's cock back through his legs to suck it. Spit provides sufficient lube for a thumb or a couple of fingers, but not for a fist. Leo displays his usual devil-may-care grin as he gloves up, his biceps gently flexing as he reaches for the lube and applies it to Zack's entryway. Leo gradually increases the number of fingers insisting on entry, pushing and corkscrewing with his wrist until he has worked up to eight. With the slow dilation of Zach's ass complete, Leo kisses it as one fist goes in past the wrist. Zack growls and sets his feet back on the floor to stabilize himself as he pushes back against Leo's fist. Zack is on his back when he climaxes due to the stroking of his cock by Leo's other fist. Leo quickly pulls his cock out of coveralls and adds his own jism to Zack's.


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