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Video description: Colby Keller and Troy Daniels are kissing. The attraction betweenthese two tall studs is intense! Troy is soon on his knees sucking onColby's big meat. Colby reaches over and finds Troy's hole to playwith as he is being serviced. They kiss some more and Colby takeshis turn on Troy's big cock while still playing with his hot hole. Troylooks down at Colby slurping and sucking on his throbbing dick. Colbylooks back up and the connection is smoking hot!Troy is soon on his back on the bed and Colby starts working his hole,licking, spitting and using his fingers to get it ready for cock. When heis ready, he mounts Troy and pounds him with the building intensity.Troy is ecstatic with pleasure and sits up and rides Colby who slamshis big cock in Troy's ass until he can take it no longer. They stop foronly a short break to catch their breath until Colby wants more ass.He rims Troy again then bangs him doggie style from behind. Troyclimbs back on top and rides it some more until Colby flips him overon his back and pounds his ass until Troy blows a big load shouting'don't stop!' Colby only stops the fucking when he blows his own giantload. This scene is intense, connected, energetic fucking not to bemissed!


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