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Video description: Bruno Bond and Roman Wright are making out. Brunomoves down Roman's body and pulls his cock and balls out of hisjock so he can suck them. Roman picks up Bruno, turns him aroundand goes down to suck his dick. Roman then bends Bruno over so hecan rim his hairy hole. Bruno grabs the arms of a chair and sticks hishungry ass out for Roman to fuck. Roman pounds his muscled assstanding up until he is worn out, then lies down. Still wanting more,Bruno sits down on Roman's big hard cock and rides it while his ownhard cock flops up and down. Roman puts his muscled arms behindhis head and enjoys the ride. Both men are covered in sweat asRoman's big balls bounce up and down while slamming Bruno's ass.After all the pounding, Bruno can't take it anymore and shoots his bigload all over Roman as he rides his big cock in ecstasy. Brunocollapses beside Roman and Roman shoots his own big load over theboth of them.


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