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Video description: Diesel and Dylan start off all flirty telling each other how excited they are to meet the other when Diesel tells Dylan that rather than bang out he's about to give him some McLovin'--OH-NO-HE-DI-N'T! They start to kiss as Diesel kicks it into sensual mode. He runs his tongue along Dylan's neck sending him into a frenzy. They stand and continue the tongue fest as they each lick necks and peeks, taking their time as they do. Diesel lies back as Dylan gets a better look at what's for lunch. He opens wide and slides his mouth over Diesel's thick cock. Diesel coos as Dylan samples the World's Finest Chocolate. Diesels cock throbs as it gets the attention it's been needing. Dylan goes nuts struggling to take Diesel's thick dick down his throat. "Let me have a taste" says Diesel wanting to return the favor as he wraps his lips around Dylan's cock. Diesel loves to pleasure his partners and this bad boy can suck a mean dick. Dylan's head is spinning as he watches Diesel nursing on his rock hard cock. Soon enough Dylan wants more of Diesel's as he kneels to continue servicing his massive cock. Diesel starts to fuck that pretty face as his balls slap away at Dylan's chin giving him what he wants. Diesel then turns Dylan around and gets a taste of that sweet hole he'll soon be stretching open. He tongue fucks that hole as Dylan whimpers with excitement. As soon as that hot ass is spit lubed and ready for some dick, Diesel gets into position.


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