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Video description: Judging by the fact these two started before we even got a chance to hit record, it's evident the chemistry between them is incendiary. Steven and Alex can't get enough of each other as they kiss and suck on each others faces and necks. Alex pulls Steven's jeans down giving his tongue even more canvas to explore. He licks his way south along Steven's smooth frame. He teases him some before standing up and dropping his own pants. Steven instinctively goes to work as he gropes and licks at the hardening cock in those sexy black briefs. Alex just moans as he gets his cock teased. Fortunately, Steven is one impatient birthday boy and he wants that candle. He pulls down Alex' briefs and is pleased to find the fattest birthday candle he's ever had. He grabs Alex' thick uncut cock and makes a wish. (Any takers on what that wish could be?) lol He blows that birthday candle like a champ; shoving it deep down his throat. Alex grunts as he watches Steven deep throat his meat. We get an amazing under carriage view of Steven sucking all of Alex' cock to the hilt. He wants it so bad that even though he gags on it a few times, he isn't coming off of that thing for air.


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