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Video description: And now it is time to introduce Antonio Biaggi--the man with thebiggest dick in gay porn! Just so you can see it all with nodistractions, Biaggi begins with a short solo show-off before beingjoined by Aaron Summers (who also really served in the Army).Summers also has a huge cock, but this scene is all about his holes!Wait until you see him try to deep throat Biaggi's bat--gagging hasnever felt so good! And then, when Summers turns over, his assoffered up, Biaggi takes the bait and plows away in an instant pornclassic scene. It's big cock meets deep hole big time!Even after blowing his load, Biaggi has still not had enough--sopowerful are these experimental Gay-inducing drugs! Trey Casteeland Billy Berlin join him for a three-way--with Billy on the bottom fortwo tops. Trey pounds away until you think Billy can take no more. Butthen, when you think his ass is torn to bits, Biaggi takes position onthe front line and begins driving home all 11 inches of beer-can thickmuscle. It's a fuck Billy will forever remember--and one you will watchover and over again! - Martin Cox


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