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Video description: Since ontheHUNT launched we have had thousands of MANHUNT members apply to be in our videos. Most from the US but lately we have been receiving lots of amazing applicants from Argentina. So we decided to head down to Buenos Aires to film some of these hot South American hookups. We did some research & met up with one of Argentina's top gay pornstars, Felix Cohn, & enlisted him to help film. This video is an introduction to Felix which starts with an interview & then turns into a solo jackoff scene. But Felix had brought his friend Bruno to the shoot & decides to get him in on the action which results in Felix showing off his amazing bottoming skills (You see why he is one of Argentina's top stars). The scene ends with Felix helping his buddy get off with a pretty massive double headed dildo. Please note that in Argentine slang "terrible" means something really hot which is why you hear Felix often saying "that is terrible"!


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