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Video description: Hands, feet and head fixed to a wooden throne. Gagged and slowly stripped. Paul gets molested and his nipples and testicles whip-tortured. Finally he gets degraded by the soldier jerking him with his bare feet. It is dark. Paul´s heart is beating. Fear fills his body. He is bound to a wooden torture throne. His hands, feet and even his head are extremely well fixed with ropes. They left him his clothes but the open shirt shows an idea of his slim, skinny body. Then suddenly a hand grabs him from behind. He is no longer alone. The hand gags his mouth and touches his head and body all over. Then the light is turned on. It is the same Russian soldier who started to interrogate him half a day ago. Since that time Paul has been starving. No food. No water. No toilet. Will the master bring him some relief? Negative. Timur - the Russian soldier - starts to touch the helpless guy. He rips the T-shirt apart and starts to molest his prisoner. His greedy hands are everywhere. Then he unzips the pants and undresses the guy. He starts to play with his nipples. What started as an almost tender teasing soon became a sort of torture. Timur takes off his belt. He uses the last inches of it like a tiny whip. With short but fast and evil beats to the nipples and testicles he is about to break the German guy. This goes on for a while. Paul´s eyes are filled with tears. Then the soldier suddenly takes of his boots and socks. His naked feet start to touch the cock. He enjoys humiliating the boy so much. Timur keeps on doing this until his naked prisoner gets hard and ready to get milked.


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