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Video description: Put into a tiny cell, then heavily spanked and forced to suck the soldier. Vadim has to lick the toes and gets fiercely tortured by Jurek who uses a very painful nipple clamp and hot wax to burn the skin of his captive. Vadim squats in a tiny cell. He is not able to move a single inch nor even to raise his head. Hours later Jurek enters the room and ends this torment just to start another one. Vadim has to bend over a springbok and gets his hands fixed to the nearby rack. Then Jurek starts to spank him with a paddle and his hands. The soldier wants his captive to feel the pain and to get the ass red. Then Jurek sits on the rack and pushes his dirty-soldier-feet directly in the boy´s face. “Lick it, lick it clean, boy!” Reluctantly the boy obeys and slowly his wet tongue massages every single toe. The soldier is quite surprised how horny this little game would make him. He gets his cock out and makes the boy suck. Then he moves Vadim to the rack. Again he chains his hands and feet. Then he gets out a silver nipple-clamp. He puts it on his nipples, on his arm-muscles, to his stomach and even on his eyebrows. Vadim struggles in pain but he has to accept this procedure as part of the punishment. When Jurek lightens the candle it is time to start another game. The boy could never even imagine how painful hot liquid wax could be. Now he feels it burning his skin.


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